Helen Bowles

Life's experiences are the pre-cursor to becoming a writer. Enveloped in the world of freedom with the ability to change the story on a sixpence and surprise the reader. Born in Winchester the original city of England, I moved to Kent at an early age but always retained my ties to the place of my birth. My first job was in Bird Cage Walk, a very small but significant road, just off Parliament Square leading to St. James Park and Buckingham Palace. Smashing place for first job, so central. I set off exploring London. I changed jobs several times, each was a learning curve of life's rich tapestry.

I have been married twice, and had three children with my first husband, which expanded to another five with the second.

My main career was in the law, where I trundled along for twenty-five years. Sometimes it was exciting but mostly highly skilled clerical work, if one was honest. It was during drafting a twenty-page lease for a block of flats, listing common parts, sewers and drains, all frightfully important but not exactly stimulating, so allowing my imagination to run wild one day. I started my first novel. With very little effort I dictated to my secretary forty pages of Elizabeth. I based it in Scarborough which I knew from my childhood. We used to visit friends in Long Riston, who had been kind to my parents during the war. I enjoyed re-visiting the area to research my book and with tongue in cheek, interviewed the fishing fleet, who in those days were still smarting from the effects of the Cod war. Later on, those forty pages became a book of 120,000 words

Throughout my life I felt being well travelled really did inspire and broaden my horizons. I’ve lived in France for 7 years renovating a ten bedroomed chateaux, had an apartment in Xemxija Malta for twelve years and made many friends there, toured Australia, encompassing Alice Springs and Darwin. In Mombasa I drove my own safari, which was an experience itself. I was lucky enough to go to many other countries in the wonderful African continent. Most of Europe and even visited Israel in 1967 during the 6 day war, a wonderful country and out of everywhere I visited left me with the most enduring memories.

As well as travelling I have wined, dined and conversed with some amazing and sometimes controversial characters. Charity lunch with Princess Margaret, whom I met twice. She was so beautiful. Being involved with the NSPCC for many years I enjoyed two invitations to a garden party at Buckingham Palace, the first was just before Diana married Charles, the second time the Duke of Edinburgh made a joke with me, he was very funny. Sir Bobby Robson I met at a referee’s dinner. We later played the roulette table and won £22 between us! Last of the big betters!

My husband died at the start of the pandemic last year after 50years of marriage. We were together throughout - twenty-four hours a day. He encouraged and helped with the editing of my work and was a fountain of knowledge. Even quicker than google sometimes! I miss him greatly and he would want me to press on with the editing and production of the next two books - and to keep writing, he loved the unpredictability of my writing, when I showed him the drafts. That is the power and fun authors can exploit.

I hope you enjoy them.