One for the Book, Son

A Lifelong Journey of Amazing Coincidences

What did you want to be when you grew up?
For Nick Terry that was easy, he wanted to be a millionaire. So that's what he did. Starting a courier company from his bedroom, aged just 17, he soon became one of Britain's youngest, and most successful self-made millionaires.
But that comes at a price. What about social life? What about being a teenager? What about family and friends, and spending 24/7 with his mind at the office? What would that do to a person?
Then there are the coincidences. Things happen to him that defy all explanation. Are they signs guiding him on his life's path, like spiritual beacons? Should he be scared, or embrace them?
You will never read a more honest, gritty, heart-warming and joyous memoir of rags to riches success.

Nick Terry

Nick Terry

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