The Oil and the Sword

Epic Fast-paced Fantasy Adventure for Teens

3 Realms: 2 teenagers: 1 Quest
Under cover of darkness, a robed figure stealthily enters the Capital of Cherith and extinguishes the flame that protects the City, unleashing the dark forces of the Underworld.
On the Island of exile, Ethan and Jed are fervently hoping that the long-awaited Asaph is on his way to extract them and take them to Cherith to be trained in the ancient ways of their people.
From an unseen dimension, the Seers look on with bated breath. How are these events linked? Who is not who they seem? Why are some things veiled? Is this the fulfilment of an age-old prophecy? Or...?

R. E. Bussell

R. E. Bussell

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