The Xanarock

One man's weird, wacky, and wild journey to save the universe

The day after Tristan marries Lara, the woman of his dreams, he and his new wife arrive back home. When she goes next door to visit their neighbour, she vanishes amidst a thunderous flash into thin air.
One year later and Tristan has lost his wife, his home, and his job. With little hope left and nothing to live for, desperate thoughts of suicide begin to emerge. About to end it all, he’s offered one final bit of hope – a letter in the handwriting of his missing wife addressed to him.
After learning that our solar system isn’t what we think it is, Tristan embarks on a perilous, although slightly weird, journey to find out if his wife is still alive. While he’s out there, he may as well join in the fight to bring an end the evil that threatens the universe, but who wouldn’t?

Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

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