Michael Howard

Michael began his journey as a flight instructor at a tender age of less than 18. Throughout his career, he has piloted a wide range of aircraft, from light piston planes to larger models such as the Boeing 767/757/737, traversing the globe. Accumulating an impressive total of over 16,000 flying hours, Michael now shares his expertise as an instructor and examiner in Flight Simulators, training aspiring corporate jet pilots.

His extensive time spent navigating executive Jets exposed him to numerous demanding scenarios, many of which are recounted in the captivating true story ‘Never Answer to a Whistle’.

Michael’s unique experiences have become a wellspring of inspiration for crafting incredible fictional tales. With his vivid imagination constantly concocting thrilling plots, he is currently immersed in the creation of his forthcoming book, ‘Cold, Cold Dish,’ centered around a drug-smuggling pilot (definitely not him!)—a story that is bound to captivate readers.

Residing in Brighton, in the southern UK, Michael leads a fulfilling life, happily married with two children by his side.

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“I had written a true story about being contracted to repossess two executive jets from Lagos, that ended up with two groups of Nigerians trying to find and kill me.

To protect my co-Pilot and myself, I took off without permission from Lagos International airport (not a good idea!!) and the Nigerian Airforce were up, waiting to shoot me down.

With the story ready, I now had a problem. What do I do now? My book needed editing, cover design, printing, worldwide distribution and marketing. Then somebody mentioned “Spiffing Publishing” to me! I went to meet with their teams, and what an absolute dream, they were amazing! As well as fulfilling all of the needs mentioned above (not least designing the fantastic cover design), they also went on to create my website, develop my SEO keywords, design and push my marketing campaign, all of which has increased the reviews and sales on Amazon hugely!! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Spiffing with a 5-Star+ review!!”

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