20 West

by Steve Ford

Unlock the sky’s secrets with ’20 West’: a masterful blend of aerospace innovation and raw human emotion, spanning six pivotal decades in aviation history. This compelling read is far from a clinical overview of the aviation sector or a lone professional’s memoir. Instead, it provides an intricate mosaic of airborne narratives, bursting with both wit and pathos.

The book takes the reader on an exhilarating flight through aviation’s storied past, soaring from the early days of propeller planes to the futuristic marvels of wide-bodied, double-decker jets. But ’20 West’ does more than just recount historical feats and technological advancements—it gives voice to the often unsung heroes of the tarmac and the cockpit. You’ll find yourself navigating the multifaceted terrain of flight training, operations, and the ups and downs of flight tests, as told through the lens of pilots and ground crew members alike.

If the inner workings and emotional tapestry of the aviation industry have ever piqued your curiosity, consider ’20 West’ your golden ticket. This captivating anthology of flight tales will seize your attention from the first page to the last.

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Steve was born in Portsmouth, England and educated at St. John’s College, Southsea.

Having trained as a professional aircraft engineer, he holds aircraft engineering licences both sides of the Atlantic having served a full apprenticeship with British Caledonian Airways.

Full independent Airline Transport Pilot’s Licences, again from both sides of the Atlantic, coupled with a solid engineering background, have provided extensive opportunities to exercise the two disciplines; with British Aerospace and from 1993 to 2016 with Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Steve remains passionate about the aviation industry which led him to write his first book “20 West”.

His second book "Flight Envelopes", consists of individual editorial opinion pieces, some of which were first published in various journals and online blogs.

A third book "Loving Life" - A personal perspective on supporting a partner who is undergoing cancer treatment...... Now available.

For partners and family faced with a loved one’s life changing event, whether it is a cancer diagnosis, illness or any form of health challenge, the question is, how do you cope and where on earth do you start?

This heart warming narrative of overcoming fear and anxiety, with hope and courage, is a truly inspirational guide to how we could all learn from those who have conquered their own fears.

Living in the West Midlands, in the county of Warwickshire, Steve continues to write and is adamant that he continues to learn.......