A Child of Her Own

by Julian Pearce

London in the early 1960’s and Jack, having recently left school, is sharing a flat with Hugh; an old school chum. In time, Jack meets Lucy and they fall in love. They marry, but despite every attempt to start a family after years of trying, Lucy is unable to conceive.

Finding refuge in his office in London from the constant despondency at home, Jack meets Anouk; a young French woman on holiday. Mutually attracted they soon fall in love, and after her return to Paris, Jack cannot resist the urge to visit her there over a weekend. When they part Jack is distraught; torn between his passion for Anouk and his love for Lucy. He knows he cannot live a double life; he must make a choice.

Seven years later Jack’s past catches up with him by a chance meeting…

This is a story of a man carrying the burden of a discovery he must forever keep secret; a tale of impulsiveness, permissive passion, guilt, and enduring love.


Julian Pearce was born in India in 1939. After school and an early career in London, he moved to Majorca where he has been resident for the past forty nine years. Initially in printing and graphic design, he turned his hand to the design and construction of luxurious holiday homes on the island for an international clientele. Now retired, this is his debut novel.