A Place Of Our Own

Book one of the ‘Lives Less Ordinary’ series

by Dr Dmis

With whaling oil becoming less in demand due to the discovery of cheaper mineral rich tar on land, the rich and powerful in society seek other ways to invest their money and rule with absolute power. For one such ruthless man, a village in rural England becomes such a target, changing its people and way of life forever.
As he inflicts his will on the population, supported as always by his enforcers, the people are forced to take drastic action in a bid to regain their freedom and escape this place once called home.

However, if caught, the cost is severe, especially if you are of personal interest to HIM, as he is ruthless and will stop at nothing to keep total control of all that he prevails and rules over.

Even in escape, it is not the end to the pursuit as you are constantly looking over your shoulder, waiting and watching for those that are relentlessly looking to search you out. Your thoughts regularly turn to the fate of friends and family left behind, how they are coping and, in some cases, are they still living!
At what point does it become too much to take and the fight back begin, for there is only so much a person can take before something snaps inside and the need to end the nightmare takes over.


Lives Less Ordinary

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Spiffing Author

"Dr Dmis," the enigmatic pseudonym behind the captivating words, conceals the unexpected author Philip Bloxham. Against all expectations, he embarked on a writing journey, defying his background and circumstances.

Born into a family immersed in equestrian pursuits, Philip's true passions lay elsewhere. Nature and animals fascinated him from an early age, with memories of caring for puppies and working on a fruit farm. However, it was fishing that truly captured his heart, leading him to compete at a national level.

Driven by camaraderie, Philip explored the culinary world, mastering the art of cooking and managing teams. His talent attracted eager patrons who booked weeks in advance for his delectable creations.

Seeking fresh challenges, Philip transitioned to quality engineering and dimensional metrology, spending over two decades reviewing drawings and collaborating with exceptional teams.

But it was during sleepless nights around nine years ago that Philip's writing ambitions took flight. Thoughts poured onto paper, gradually shaping into a compelling story. Encouraged by a friend, he ventured into self-publishing, overcoming challenges with the help of professionals.

Now, under the guise of "Dr Dmis," Philip's book, "What Price a Kingdom," has emerged in e-book, paperback, and hardback formats. His writing style forges intimate connections with characters, infusing humor, bravery, and loyalty into their journeys.

Dividing his original book into three parts, "Lives Less Ordinary: A Place of Our Own," "Lost Angel of Paris," and "Plight of the Raven," Philip's trilogy promises adventure, romance, and honor.

Inspired by his own experiences, Philip believes that everyone harbors remarkable stories within. He encourages others to share their unique narratives, igniting inspiration in others and unlocking untapped potential.