A Wobbly Ride

by Alastair Franks

Although this book may be about my life’s journey so far since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, what it is NOT is a lesson on spiritualism, meditation, positivity and diet, although there may be benefits to be gained from all of them and there is mention of these aspects in some shape or form in the book.
This book is also not a lesson on how to deal with MS per se, because each individual is different and is affected in different ways, whether the effects be mental, emotional, psychological, physical, or all of them. Rather, this is about what I do, how it affects me, what makes me wobble and what makes me spit feathers! Sounds pretty selfish, doesn’t it!
But hopefully, some aspects may be of some use to you, whether you’ve been diagnosed with this disease, are a friend of someone who has, are family, or if you’re a carer.
I’ve approached this from a light-hearted angle, although I am fully aware that, to most, MS is not a light-hearted subject.