Betrayer Of Dreams

Book Two of the Dream Murderer Cycle

by Paul Taffinder

Betrayal is the worst of deeds. Betrayal is a curse upon your fellows. Betrayal is akin to the opening of the four doors of the sealed earth: it is an invitation to the in-between and, thus, to Echrexar. It is sacrilege.

The Book of the Dead – ‘Dogmata’: lines 7777-7779
More than ever, the exarchs of the Faith fear the in-between time and the in-between places and the violent return of the god Echrexar. Their dreams show them blood and only blood. Assailed by enemies, Skava devises plans and stratagems to overthrow king and Archivists in her ambition to remake the world. Assassins have struck from the shadows, the Realm is in turmoil. However, King Jeval is fighting back, with a huge Ta-shih army aiming to strike first. He, too, has assassins and he does not forgive betrayal. Nor do the Immortals, Harbin and Kesmet, long-committed to oppose Skava from their fastness in the storm-lashed Hundred Islands, recoil from alliances that might defeat her.

With her loyal squad of Maki and Yan, Skava has her eye fixed on the whitestone pyramid Temple at Cise Hook and the archaic secrets concealed deep in its labyrinth.

Could they change the future of the world?

Conjured on an epic scale, Betrayer of Dreams is the thrilling second volume of The Dream Murderer Cycle, a brilliantly original portrayal of a post-apocalyptic dominion of nobles, spies, zealots and assassins whose passions, conspiracies and predatory ambitions have sprung twisted from the mythology of a destroyed world.

The Dream Murderer Cycle

Psychologist, strategist and award-winning author Paul Taffinder lives in the UK, near London. So fascinated was he as a boy by the underlying motivations of people – the good, the bad and the vile – that he completed three degrees and then a PhD in psychology and still found out that there was a lot to learn. Accordingly he has worked in the deepest mines and travelled to the highest places on earth, by flying Concorde (as a passenger, not a pilot). He is a devotee of fantasy and science fiction because it is a celebration of human possibilities. With four acclaimed business books to his name, he course corrected and created his own world in his debut trilogy The Dream Murderer Cycle.


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