Boost Sales

How a professional pipeline can quadruple your sales results

by Lars Henningsson

Boost Sales shows how a strong pipeline focus drives the overall sales results and supports sales executives to reach higher targets. The authors take us through cases where better use of the pipeline led to a 400% sales increase and more. With other clients, a better-managed pipeline was a strong contributor to similar magnitude improvements. They freely share their ‘secrets’ of how to make this happen.

The book follows a number of real-life sales executives that in three to six months quickly improved their numbers when pipeline reviews helped them address areas and gaps that previously had held them back. We meet sellers who double, triple and quadruple their sales results. It is fantastic inspiration and reading for any sales executive who wants to improve his or her sales performance.

Boost Sales has an important message to corporate executives. A stronger pipeline focus will increase the new business results. Rightly applied, it can add millions to the top line and have a very positive impact on growth. Doing so does not require large investments, just a bit of training, know-how and a distinct and enhanced leadership approach.

Boost Sales is easy to read and full of examples that will help you and your company to improve the sales results.

Lars Henningson author

Lars Henningsson has more than 25 years of experience helping client companies improve their sales, marketing and supply chain performance. He was Managing consultant at Gemini Consulting, and Principal at Cap Gemini Ernst and Young. He holds M.A. and M.Phil. degrees from Columbia University, New York, and has an Executive-MBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics. He is a former Fulbright scholar and has attended the Wharton Executive Program. Mr Henningsson is the Managing Director of Leading Sales.

His passion is helping client companies achieve brilliant results. "If there is not a 100% potential upside, I will not touch the project." Mr. Henningsson has a long record of helping his clients achieving such targets. To double the result, or to double or triple growth, has enough magic in it to merit the effort.

This approach has taken him around the world: to Hong Kong, to the U.S., the UK, and to more than 20 European countries. He has led sales improvement and transformation programs in excellent companies like Aker Kvaerner, BSKYB, Cathay Pacific, DFDS, DNB, DSV, Eli Lilly, MONTELL, Shell, Siemens, and Statoil.

He is an author writing books on Sales and Leadership topics sharing his insights and experience with a broader public.