Alex King Book

by A P Bateman

Incarcerated in a prison hidden from society, an all but broken man has a terrifying secret. In a lifetime spent plotting against the West, former KGB General Vladimir Zukovsky has done many unthinkable things. His captors know what he has done, have tortured it out of him, but they do not know everything. All he needs to do to bring down the Western World is hold out for long enough.Still reeling from a CIA double-cross, MI5 need their prisoner back. They have intelligence on America’s secret prison, but there is only one way they can get an agent in place. Alex King accepts a mission of unparalleled risk. But first, he must commit a crime that will see him treated outside the US legal system and get to a prisoner who can destroy or save mankind with the knowledge he holds.For King, the risk to his life is worth the gamble. He knows the penalty if he does not act. But getting into America’s secret prison to snatch back an asset is nothing compared to breaking out…

The Alex King Series

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