By Samborombón Bay

The Hunt for Carl von Menen

by James Remmer

Carl von Menen, an agent of the German Foreign Office, disappeared during a covert mission to Argentina in 1945. Forty years later, Richard Blandy, a former clandestine ‘operator’ with the British Government, is tasked with the job of finding him.

Blandy is beset with his own personal problems: a recent redundancy, a failed marriage, a paraplegic son whose severe incapacity is a tormenting source of guilt, and a mortgage he can barely keep up with. Driven by an impetus for excitement and the lure of financial gain, he embarks on an adventure of unparalleled mystery and danger.

Retracing von Menen’s steps from Berlin to Buenos Aires, Blandy leans heavily on contacts from his past and forms a welcome rapport with the burly and genial Jorge Barros, a comisario with the Argentine Federal Police.

What seems a straightforward task becomes a complex investigation spanning two continents, several languages, intricate reconstructions of wartime events and rumours of hidden gold. Watching Blandy’s every move is the rich and beautiful Monika Beyers, an Oscar-winning global megastar who has a family connection to the missing von Menen.

On his journey to seek out the truth, Blandy confronts a string of professional killers, finds a woman who didn’t want to be found, uncovers an ageing remnant of Himmler’s SS, and discovers the love von Menen left behind in Berlin.

By Samborombón Bay is a fast-paced, meticulously researched story, sizzling with suspense, authenticity and compelling characters.