Cerwin’s Orphans

The Ascension Saga

by Scott T Ferry

A dark threat has arisen in the east, overwhelming the Greenlands. Torbin Paleskin strives to coordinate a defence at The Titan Gate but the disparate nature of The Free Territories makes this arduous in the extreme. At the same time Candor Blackheart must stand fast and protect the twin cities, sacrificing everything he cherished. Jonoh Shipwright has to face a disturbing truth and step into manhood before his time, while his closest friend Garic Carpenter struggles with a revelation. Marisa Longspear has to rise to a challenge and put her distrust of authority behind her, stepping into the great northern wastelands. In the Kingdom of Darmat, Advocate Sorkin must risk everything, knowing discovery will cost his life. Meanwhile Shadowmaster Cerwin tries to walk the line in between, while The Orphans gather for the final confrontation.