College of Shadows

by Mark Wells

“College of Shadows” plunges readers into the eerie world of Cambridge, a prestigious university that harbors not only brilliant minds but also sinister entities. Nick, a working-class rugby enthusiast, feels like a fish out of water amidst the grandeur of Cambridge, far removed from his Mansfield roots. His sense of alienation deepens when he encounters a nightmarish creature, challenging his perception of reality.

Annabel, grappling with the profound loss of her parents, immerses herself in academia to escape her sorrow. However, a series of bizarre incidents convinces her that she might be jinxed. When a lethal monster threatens her newfound friends, Annabel fears her misfortune might lead to their downfall.

Together, Nick and Annabel unearth a hidden facet of Cambridge, discovering an ancient secret that pits them in a battle for survival. “College of Shadows” is a captivating journey into a realm where academia meets myth, challenging two unlikely heroes to confront the unimaginable.

Mark Wells crafts a chilling narrative in this first installment of the Cambridge Gothic YA series, weaving together themes of courage, mystery, and the unexplored corridors of the unknown. Perfect for fans of ghostly tales, otherworldly challenges, and the pursuit of courage in the face of darkness.

Cambridge Gothic

Mark Wells read law at Cambridge University and after a career in business returned to his old college as a Fellow, before taking up writing full-time. He has published short stories in the Warhammer universe for Black Library under the pen name Nicholas Alexander. He is currently writing the urban fantasy series, Cambridge Gothic, which follows the lives of two newly arrived Freshers who encounter not just secretive professors, but a deadly threat from beyond…

Mark lives in Cambridge with his family, and when not writing, can be found wandering through the city’s alleyways and colleges, plotting…