The Beginning of Change

by Angeline Brown

No one must know… No one must find out…
Telekinesis was among the first of Georgia’s abilities to develop, giving her the power to do things she could barely imagine and not all of them good. If she didn’t learn to control what was happening to her then these changes were going to bring trouble, so with her friend and ally Calum, Georgia sets off to find out if there are others like herself or if she is alone.
In desperation and seeing no possible alternative, Archie jumps into Killingworth Lake. As he sinks to the bottom and deliberately inhales, he waits for death to claim him but it seems that death is not quite ready for Archie yet.
Jade ran away from home when she was fourteen, leaving her family bereft and distraught, or so everyone thought. In reality her parents have kept her hidden behind closed blinds and locked doors, terrified of what might happen to her if she is seen for no one should be able to do the things their daughter can do.
What is happening to these three is just the beginning and they must deal with their changes carefully before they are discovered.
The beginning of change is the first in the urban fantasy thriller series Cuckoo. This nail biting story with a generous dose of humour mixed in will leave you desperate for more!