Dead Unlucky

The First In The Harry Hart Series

by Andrew Derham

Dead Unlucky by Andrew Derham pulls readers into a gripping crime drama where the brutal murder of a teenager becomes the catalyst for unraveling a web of deceit within the walls of the prestigious Highdean School. Chief Inspector Harry Hart, known for his sharp wit and no-nonsense approach to law enforcement, finds himself pitted against a backdrop of privilege, where the veneer of respectability conceals a morass of callousness and malevolence.

As Hart digs deeper, he encounters resistance from various quarters: indifferent police officers, unscrupulous drug dealers, and the haughty headteacher Annalee Hargreaves, who is more concerned with the school’s image than the grim realities festering beneath its elite surface. The investigation reveals that the murder is but the tip of the iceberg, exposing a culture of selfishness and a shocking disregard for human life.

Derham masterfully balances the darkness of the crime with the lightness of Hart’s character, offering moments of banter and levity amidst the tension. However, the story takes a somber turn as Hart’s relentless pursuit not only identifies the perpetrator but also uncovers the tragic circumstances that led to the victim’s fatal misfortune.

Dead Unlucky is not just a murder mystery; it’s a poignant critique of societal elitism and the devastating consequences of indifference. Through Hart’s eyes, Derham challenges the reader to look beyond appearances, making it a compelling read for fans of crime fiction seeking depth and moral inquiry alongside their suspense.

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