Death Disasters & Doctors’ Dilemmas

Lest I Forget

by Dr John Anthony Cotterill

“Dr John Cotterill inspired a generation of doctors with his wit and erudition. This book is a collection of his greatest clinical cases over the years. Enjoy it.”
_- Barry Monk, Author of Lifeline: Difficult questions, uncomfortable answers… A deeper look at how to save our cherished NHS._

“Dr Cotterill tells the fascinating story of his eventful life steeped in clinical and academic medicine. His gift for telling a gripping and often amusing story put him in high demand for lectures around the world and is expressed in his writing. After a distinguished undergraduate career he went on to make important contributions to dermatology in particular pioneering laser therapy. He uses well researched descriptions of patients, colleagues and politicians to inform us of the psychological impact of skin disease, the imperfections of some doctors and the often disastrous results of political intervention in medicine. An informative and enjoyable read for everyone.”
_- Robert Wilkinson. Emeritus Professor of Renal Medicine, University of Newcastle upon Tyne_

“Dr John Cotterill, an eminent consultant dermatologist, raconteur and latterly an Italian truffle farmer, explore the psychological and emotional relationships between himself and some of his patients and colleagues. A fascinating read from start to finish. Visits to the hospital or to your GP will never be the same again.”
_- Dr Graeme Staples, Consultant Dermatologist_