by Rich E Beckett

“Unfortunately, a snarling, growling dog has limped from a stand of rhododendron bushes and blocked Jeremiah’s exit. The thing is the size of a Great Dane, but has the looks and build of an Eastern Europalian weightlifter. It is also baring its teeth and dribbling, as any decent guard dog or weightlifter should.”

The islands are moving and on the magnificent United Queendom, nerves are jangling. Their near neighbours are mysteriously locking together, the web of capture slowly spiraling outwards. When will their time come?

The greatest minds and might in the UQ, along with the political fraternity, are preparing a response. They have no intention of being swept into a newly formed super-island. There is no wish to join the heaving bosom of what will be the planet’s first ever Continent.

What will happen if the landmass becomes so vast that it rivals that of the largest island on the planet: the Land of American Righteous Democracy?

For now, the UQ will fight to avoid the grasping federalism emerging close to its sovereign shores, that of a terrible unaccountable union.

Special Associated Scout Chief, Bear Grilled-Steak, along with the lowly respected United Queendom Inebriated Party leader, Niggley Barrage, and the devastatingly talented astrophysicist, Professor Brain Clogs, will add their might to that of Devbo’s martial arts team in holding back the tide.

Ze (New) Union of Europalia, and its fearsome leader, Frau Angular Murky, must not prevail!

For certain, there will be tears before bedtime but from whose eyes will they be falling?