Failsafe Leadership

by Matthew Ashimolowo

In the past 25 years, organizational culture, systems and operations which were thought to be fail safe have been seen to collapse. Major corporations have suffered from systems implosion. At the same time, nations like Iraq and Afghanistan have been invaded to bring about change, democracy and new leadership. Others have experienced a revolution and an implosion, particularly the Arab Spring. The wind which blew across the Middle East brought a change to Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya, is still blowing. Where the wind has not blown, particularly in developing nations of the third world, there is an oxymoron, a contradiction. Many of these nations have natural, human and mineral resources and yet they are underdeveloped. These various settings described seem to have one common challenge – Failed Leadership. Why Do Leaders Fail? There are several reasons given in this book. However, it includes the fact that leaders fail when their vision is unclear and they do not walk the talk, when they refuse to learn or develop those who walk with them. The importance of this subject cannot be overemphasized because if we fix the leaders we will fix the world.

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