Discovering and using the resources of Heaven

by Pete Carter

Pete Carter is a medical doctor and church leader who has seen God do extraordinary things in all aspects of his life. In this book he draws upon his experience of putting his faith in God in all areas of life to help us in our own great adventure of faith. In the three sections of the book he explains clearly “What is Faith?” moving on to help us recognise “Enemies of Faith” and finally the exciting adventure of “Growing in Faith”. Between each chapter are true stories that will inspire you, showing what faith in God can achieve.
Pete hopes that this book will equip you to develop “faith that can move mountains” and to press into the reality of the Bible verse that states that “Nothing is impossible for those who believe”.

Pete has a beautiful way of making complex concepts and revelations, become simple truths.
Renee Evans Co-Senior Leader Bethel Austin

Pete reminds me of a seasoned mountain guide expertly teaching his students.
Roberts Liardon author of God’s Generals series.

This book is an invitation to experience the joy of living in faith.
Julian Adam Pastor and Prophet at The Table Boston.