Following the Still Small Voice

I was the man from the Prudential until I found my voice!

by David Robinson

My journey begins in Holmfirth Yorkshire and ends in Cleethorpes on the 30th anniversary of the Christian Charity, CARE LTD. which I was privilege to set up supported by others. The scenery is made up of the hilarious and unforgettable characters, the humorous, sad and tragic incidents, and the many coincidences which can only be “God incidences”. We travel from Holmfirth to Sleaford in Lincolnshire, and then to Grimsby as Prudential Superintendent.

My new role in Grimsby began with a Baptism of Fire, or rather of water! The sea defences had failed and much of my territory was flooded. 400 houses severely damaged. Yet is was all just part of a day’s work!

My first Superintendent told me “You will never mek owt in this job.” My story proves that he was not a true prophet. It shows though that Edith and I did follow a true prophetic agenda, THE STILL SMALL VOICE has always been speaking in the background, quietly at times but at others with dramatic effect.

Read about the call to set up a new Christian Charity and it exciting early days. Of the daily expectancy that God would honour our trust in Him in surprising ways. Read how we discovered that we had a second purse and how we used it. Read about God’s heart for the underprivileged and marginalised.

All profits go to charity

“Please read this book, but don’t stop there – do what David did and has continued to do – look around you – find the needs in people’s lives – and do something! Like David, you too can make a difference. Like David’s, your ordinary can be made extraordinary!”
Paul Robinson. CEO. Release International

“I can say quite categorically that there can be no better advert for this book than to know that every word written can be qualified by David’s lifestyle.”
Pastor Michael Smith

“Read, enjoy, laugh and cry as the anecdotes keep coming. Be ready to be inspired and challenged and brace yourself for a tale of adventure with God that can be your experience too.”
David Jones (Chair of Board of Trustees of CARE. (Christian Action and Resource Enterprise Ltd.)