Forgiving Bernadette

by Charlotte Ashby

Bernadette Maloney is having a breakdown. Gripped by anxiety, sacked from her job, two stone overweight, her husband has left her for the babysitter.

And now on the wettest day since records began, she is clinging to the side of a 300 ft precipice, lashed by torrential rain, an RAF helicopter above, TV crews, ambulances and a gasping crowd below. When the dramatic rescue is captured on every TV news channel, she is catapulted into a world of instant fame.

But celebrity can’t last long, because Bernadette has a shocking secret she has buried half her life. Twenty years ago she hit the headlines for a very different reason and the secret timebomb is about to go off.

Forgiving Bernadette is a story about friendship, forgiveness and getting a second chance at life and love.