Trilogy. The Heist. Good Cop-Bad Cop. The End Result.

by Richard Poole

Dick Jones and Paul Richards, investigate an attack on a cash depot in Nottingham, over the Xmas period. Little did they know the investigation would follow them abroad, with an explosive ending. But is it? The investigation raises its head a couple of years later. Then becomes personal.
The same two investigate three different crimes in Nottingham, when a corrupt police officer is involved. When a prison van is attacked and the occupants are taken by a London gangster,the plot thickens
A bullion job is in the planning.
They then investigate a prison break,which puts them in conflict with parties from their first and second investigation. Again it turns personal,and bullets fly. Looking for an end result looks impossible?
Many twists and unusual turns throughout the trilogy, should keep the reader guessing what happens next.