How to Create the Conditions For Great Work

Practical inspiration to help you create habits, relationships and mindsets that will enable your genius ... and Finally Do That Thing You've Been Meaning To Do

by Robbie Swale

**Fulfilling your potential can feel like an impossible task in this complex world.**
**But the first and most important step is to create the conditions for your best work to emerge.**
– Do you want to achieve more in life?
– Do you feel called to make a contribution that counts?
– Do you know, deep down, that you have more to give?

It’s time to harness your gifts and release the genius inside you.

It’s time to make sure you are doing the best work you can, whether you are a leader, a writer, an entrepreneur, or a creative person of any kind.

**How To Create The Conditions For Great Work**is your guide to unleashing your true potential.

By reading this book, you’ll learn…
– habits and actions that support you to do your best work
– how to create relationships that help you thrive
– the mindsets and mental models that enhance and enlarge your contribution to any field or endeavour.

_‘Whatever progress you wish you could make in your career, or more generally in your life, Robbie’s 12-Minute Method will help you overcome the obstacles in your way, focus your energy and start!’_
**_Alex Swallow, _Author, How To Become An Influencer**

Questions of unrealised potential and unmade contribution catalysed a change in Robbie Swale’s life, taking him from one career into another: from struggle, indecision and stress, to work that is effortlessly impactful and fulfilling.

And, most importantly, to a place where he does more great work than ever before.

The journey wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a straight line.

But then Robbie discovered the secret to getting things done, and his simple but groundbreaking **12-minute method** transformed him as a person and became the foundation of this series of productivity books.

In **How To Create The Conditions For Great Work **you’ll discover paradigm-shifting lessons that Robbie learnt the hard way; lessons from his life and from supporting thousands of people to do more great work. Lessons that have allowed him to become a successful coach, writer, public speaker and much more.

_‘Many times, in many ways, I have recommended the 12-Minute Method to others and watched them come alive with inspiration when they hear how Robbie brought this book to life. His genius ideas are exponentially valuable. To me, it’s the 12-Minute Miracle.’_
**Michelle C. Basey, Energy Healing Artist and CoreYou Coach**

**How to Create the Conditions for Great Work **is book three of _The 12-Minute Method: Beat Procrastination, Be More Productive and Finally Do That Thing You’ve Been Meaning To Do._

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