How to Support a Champion

The art of applying science to the elite athlete

by Steve Ingham

In the realm of elite sports, the pursuit of excellence is relentless, and the journey to the top is fraught with challenges. “How to Support a Champion” by renowned author and Olympic standard trainer Steve Ingham offers an insightful and captivating exploration of what it takes to support, develop, and maximize the potential of a champion athlete. Ingham’s extensive experience working with world-class athletes, such as Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Matthew Pinsent, Hayley Tullett, Kelly Sotherton, and Jessica Ennis-Hill, lends credence to his perspectives on the complex and competitive world of elite sports.

Ingham delves into the role of applied science in elite sports, highlighting its significant impact on performance and success. However, he emphasises that knowledge alone is insufficient to support a champion. The book emphasises the importance of cultivating trust between the athlete and their support team, as this trust forms the foundation for a successful partnership. Furthermore, Ingham explores the value of teamwork, arguing that the collective efforts of coaches, trainers, and practitioners can have a profound influence on an athlete’s performance.

“How to Support a Champion” is a captivating and insightful read that provides a rare glimpse into the world of elite sports from the perspective of a seasoned practitioner. Steve Ingham’s vast experience and candid reflections make this book a valuable resource for aspiring sports practitioners, coaches, trainers, and anyone who seeks to better understand the challenges and rewards of supporting a champion athlete.