Indigo Star

Book 2 of the Infinity Squared Series

by S R Summers

“You don’t want to be famous? You don’t have a choice.”
Not one to be denied or ignored, Daryl Blackmoor of DB Enterprises continues his pursuit of the bonfire of talent he has discovered in the mesmerising Mysty Reverie, who has been hiding herself in plain sight as the anonymous aerial phenomenon, The Butterfly of Black Magic. But the Butterfly will not be captured and, infuriated, Daryl finds his plans for her fame repeatedly thwarted as he encounters a willpower equal only to his own.
Donny Capello, her Vegas mob boss and saviour in the shadows, discovers his intent and issues threats to try and protect her; but even he fears he is not enough against Blackmoor’s formidable determination. Sparks fly and tears are shed as the fame train comes for her regardless, and Mysty finds herself outmanoeuvred and outnumbered.
For a girl as fast as she is, it seems she cannot outrun destiny, and turns to the one man who may prove to be an ally as she is pulled inexorably towards the global spotlight: Patrick O’Grady, the personal bodyguard recruited by Blackmoor to watch her every move…

The Infinity Squared Series

S R Summers

S R Summers lives in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, in the middle of England where she has been for her entire life, except for three years at Cambridge University, and two years living in Brussels, Belgium. Up until 2019 she owned and ran an independent coffee shop called ZouBisou, that is still much missed, and has since embarked on a career as a yoga teacher, massage therapist and contortionist...
When she's not penning the next adventures of Mysty, Daryl, Donny and the gang, she loves walking in the Cotswolds, finding good places to bust out a crazy yoga pose, rock climbing and dangling upside down on a hoop.
With the pandemic making it impossible to have a proper book launch party for book three, she is busy preparing book four, and also planning a screen-play version, finding a voice for the audiobook, and looking to find an agent.
And yes, we will have an epic belated launch party when we can. They always get better and better, so make sure you have some glad rags ready for a good time!