Lab Tested

The Layman's Guide to Living With A Labrador

by Nick Embrey

Lab Tested lifts the lid on the absurd behaviour of Dudley, an ever so slightly unhinged chocolate brown Labrador. Opening with a tongue-in-cheek look at his ancestry and a how not to do it guide to puppy training, his eccentric nature is laid bare in a series of humorous short stories. 
From housebreaking to party crashing and loo brush relays to tampon tasting, Dudley’s madcap capers make it easy to understand why this wonderful breed is such a firm family favourite the world over whilst doing little to allay the myriad stereotypes connected with these adorable dogs.
Planet Labrador is a place loaded with lunacy, gluttony and debauchery, but it is also a gentle and affectionate one. Lab Tested will leave its readers desperate to visit and reluctant to leave.