Last Flight from Ardeley

The quest for truth will wake the forces of evil

This is a factually based story about a German woman, Helle Koch, who suddenly arrives at Ardeley, a village deep in the midst of Norfolk on a mission to find the remains of her GrandFather, Luftwaffe Oberleutnant Erich Koch who allegedly crashed his ME160 nearby in April 1943. However no record nor evidence exists whatsoever of his demise.

Here she meets Richard Manners a recently retired British Airways long haul pilot who has recently bought a cottage close to Royal Airforce Station Ardeley now a totally abandoned and rather sinister World War 2 airfield. A romantic relationship develops between them. Mysterious neighbours, an old and highly reticent villager as well as a phantom RAF Officer combine to increase the tension to further dramatic levels. Now supported by a cast of paranormal academics drawn from the University of East Anglia (UEA) by the events at Ardeley including an American sensitive, Dr Polly Brown and Prof Des Harris Head of Paranormal Studies at the UEA.

In Helle’s pursuit of the truth she meets with Police and later Home Office obstinacy but in DS Wilson she finds empathy but his position forces him to secretly work on the case. As they progress towards the truth emergent violent evil forces make themselves known in the cottage as well as the airfield environs.

Erich Koch’s demise is discovered and a mysterious invitation to a strange coastal hotel provides the team with closure and so contriving a deadly battle between good and evil. The fight for good is led by an enigmatic lapsed priest who heads up a highly secretive international operation to ultimately eliminate Satan and his earthly consorts.

The end of the book realises the truth behind the demise of Erich Koch, the ostensible death of one of the combatants and the great power of love that governs us all.

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