Laugh More: Soar In Your Health, Career and Relationships

by Sam Rehan

Why do we laugh? What is a genuine smile? Why do some people laugh in sombre situations?

Unlock how both smiling and laughing can have a beneficial effect on your health, while reducing stress and increasing your confidence and likeability. Rediscover what is already within you… laughter! How to extend it, cultivate it and utilise it for inner strength as a powerful tool to connect with yourself and others.

On this nine-step journey, explore your unique laugh, embrace laughing with others and learn new skills. Access the natural power of laughter to improve your life and enjoy healthier, happier ageing.

Professional Laughter Facilitator Sam Rehan shares straightforward science, and short, easy exercises to increase your physical and mental well-being. Her experience, and that of others from many walks of life, demonstrates how laughter and smiling are powerful aids for your wellness, career and relationships.