Less Of The Same

by C.G. Johnson

This book is an adventure story. It follows a mixed group of people, who meet while attempting to escape from the ravages of war. Their exciting journey through many countries, manages to be of help to more than just themselves, in what I hope you will find to be the most original adventures you will read this year. If Donald Trump and Brexit were a shock to you, the story you are about to read here, will surely get you thinking about the way we approach politics, and the way it approaches us.

I am currently an Independent Financial Advisor, with twenty five years’ experience giving financial advice. I also worked for twelve years on nuclear submarines and other warships, as a marine engineer for the Ministry of Defence in Plymouth. As well as this I ran two retail business’s for seven years, along with several other jobs. I have travelled the world for work and for fun. I have always had to postpone my desire to write in order to raise a family, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to launch this my first book. Hopefully it will be one of many, I am working on the next as I write this introduction.