Lost Angel Of Paris

by Dr Dmis

A Gripping Tale of Loss and Redemption

In Lost Angel of Paris by Dr Dmis, we are transported into a gripping tale of loss and redemption. After years of surviving on the remote Pacific islands, the last remaining brother of Lord Fitzgerald returns to England, only to discover a desolate port, stripped family estate, and devastating news about his siblings.

The Quest for Lost Sisters

Determined to uncover the truth, James seeks out his remaining friends and learns of his brothers’ tragic fate. Armed with a glimmer of hope and fueled by a single rumor, he sets his sights on Paris, driven by the belief that his baby sisters may have been sold into the sordid underworld of the city’s brothels. With limited language skills and unfamiliarity with the terrain, James embarks on a perilous journey to unravel the mystery surrounding his lost siblings.

A Man of Honor and Justice

James possesses a strong sense of honor and harbors little pity for those responsible for his family’s suffering. With determination in his heart, he sets out on an adventure that gains momentum as he encounters fellow individuals seeking their own retribution in the vibrant streets of Paris.

An Intense Journey Unfolds

As the story unfolds in Lost Angel of Paris, the reader is taken on an intense journey of discovery, where the stakes grow higher with every step James takes. Dr Dmis skillfully weaves a narrative that explores themes of resilience, justice, and the enduring bonds of family. With each encounter, James becomes entangled in the lives of others who share a common desire for vengeance in the captivating backdrop of the French capital.

Lost Angel of Paris is a riveting novel that delves into the depths of human determination and the pursuit of truth. Dr Dmis captures the essence of a man driven by his unwavering sense of justice, delivering a tale that immerses readers in a bygone era. This captivating story will keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly following James’s journey as he navigates the treacherous streets of Paris.

Prepare to be transported into a world of secrets, vengeance, and unexpected alliances in this enthralling novel. Lost Angel of Paris by Dr Dmis is a must-read for fans of historical fiction and tales of resilience in the face of adversity.

Published by Oscar Publications on 2023-06-27

Lives Less Ordinary

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Spiffing Author

"Dr Dmis," the enigmatic pseudonym behind the captivating words, conceals the unexpected author Philip Bloxham. Against all expectations, he embarked on a writing journey, defying his background and circumstances.

Born into a family immersed in equestrian pursuits, Philip's true passions lay elsewhere. Nature and animals fascinated him from an early age, with memories of caring for puppies and working on a fruit farm. However, it was fishing that truly captured his heart, leading him to compete at a national level.

Driven by camaraderie, Philip explored the culinary world, mastering the art of cooking and managing teams. His talent attracted eager patrons who booked weeks in advance for his delectable creations.

Seeking fresh challenges, Philip transitioned to quality engineering and dimensional metrology, spending over two decades reviewing drawings and collaborating with exceptional teams.

But it was during sleepless nights around nine years ago that Philip's writing ambitions took flight. Thoughts poured onto paper, gradually shaping into a compelling story. Encouraged by a friend, he ventured into self-publishing, overcoming challenges with the help of professionals.

Now, under the guise of "Dr Dmis," Philip's book, "What Price a Kingdom," has emerged in e-book, paperback, and hardback formats. His writing style forges intimate connections with characters, infusing humor, bravery, and loyalty into their journeys.

Dividing his original book into three parts, "Lives Less Ordinary: A Place of Our Own," "Lost Angel of Paris," and "Plight of the Raven," Philip's trilogy promises adventure, romance, and honor.

Inspired by his own experiences, Philip believes that everyone harbors remarkable stories within. He encourages others to share their unique narratives, igniting inspiration in others and unlocking untapped potential.