Magical Wedding

The Bride Whisperer's Guide To Unveiling Your

by Matthew Biggin

The Bride Whisperer, Professional Toastmaster Matthew Biggin, unlocks the secrets gained from officiating at what is approaching 400 weddings, to enable you to unveil your magical wedding.
‘The Bride Whisperer’s Guide to Unveiling Your Magical Wedding’, is packed with tips and solid advice covering everything from how to organise your photo session to how to make the most of your first dance. These easily implemented and affordable fixes will help transform your wedding day from being wonderful into something truly magical.
With stunning photos by top wedding photographer, Aaron Storry, ‘The Bride Whisperer’s Guide to Unveiling Your Magical Wedding’, provides everything you need to plan for the perfect wedding day you deserve.
Enjoy your wedding journey and make your special day truly magical.