Murder On The Isle

A FitzMorris Family Mystery

by Anna A Armstrong

Join Dee FitzMorris for another thrilling adventure as she escapes to the picturesque Isle of Blom, where the sea glistens blue, the sun shines, and life’s pace is meant to be relaxing. Unfortunately, a dead body threatens to disrupt the tranquility.

During their holiday on this scenic island, the three FitzMorris women—Dee, her daughter Zara, and granddaughter Amelia—find themselves entangled in a web of illegal gambling, illicit drugs, and unexpected romance.

When both Zara and Amelia are kidnapped, it becomes a race against time for Dee to rescue them from the clutches of a narcissistic killer. With her inquisitive skills and determination, she must outsmart the murderer before it’s too late.

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride filled with steam trains, sheep, and a risqué tango, all contributing to this funny and fast-paced adventure. “Murder on the Isle” is the second installment in the FitzMorris Family Mysteries series, promising even more mystery, excitement, and unexpected twists that will keep you eagerly turning the pages. Accompany Dee and her family on this thrilling journey of suspense and danger in a beautiful island setting.

Published by Cotswold Writer Press on 2023-10-20

The FitzMorris Family Mysteries

Anna A Armstrong

Anna A. Armstrong writes uplifting, cosy mysteries. Set in rural villages, they overflow with friendship, warm family relationships, delicious food, beautiful gardens and romance as well as the odd murder to spice things up. At the heart of her stories are her colourful characters who have their own varied foibles. There is nothing like a spot of murder for revealing who people are and what makes them tick.

Growing up in home counties England, Anna was surrounded with dogs and horses as well as the wide variety of people who make up village life. Her observation skills were further honed by studying Anthropology at university. Much to her family’s embarrassment, she often can’t resist pulling out a pad and sketching random strangers in a restaurant.

When not indulging her love of travelling, Anna divides her time between the quintessentially English village of Burford in the Cotswolds and the rugged Isle of Man, the jewel of the Irish Sea. She is passionate about food, her garden, her three dachshunds, family and latterly trick riding, just in case running off to the circus becomes an option!