How does your story end?

by Maisie Kitton

Escape was just the beginning for Felan. Leaving behind an abusive home, he finds himself alone and vulnerable on the unforgiving streets of Guadalupe. Just when despair looms, he is rescued by Nick, the formidable leader of the Wolves—a gang infamous for their ruthlessness. Promised the basic human needs he’s long been denied—safety, food, and a place to call home—Felan takes a leap of faith.

A Solace and a Snare
In his new surroundings, he befriends Blaez, a girl who becomes his sanctuary and most trusted ally. But as he dives deeper into the gang’s activities, Felan must confront an unsettling question: Is his new haven just as perilous as the home he fled?

Danger Around Every Corner
From adrenaline-fueled bank heists to treacherous drop-offs, Felan finds himself enmeshed in life-threatening jobs, all while striving to protect himself and his newfound friends. Each mission becomes a gauntlet as they dodge capture from the Protrudes, a vicious rival gang led by the menacing Maddison, identifiable by her ominous black arrowhead tattoo.

A Game of High Stakes
With so much on the line, Felan’s choices have never been more consequential. Every decision may be his last, as he navigates a world where loyalty is fragile and betrayal is ever-present.

Maisie is twenty-one years old and lives in Dorset, the home of the stunning Jurassic Coast. On the days when she isn’t writing, she’s exploring the coastline, the footpaths, and taking photos of the beautiful scenery. She likes to bring a notebook and pen with her on these adventures because long hikes always inspire story ideas and new characters.

When neither writing nor hiking seems appealing, she’s watching Youtube or Netflix, reading books, playing on her Xbox, or baking.

By late 2022, she found her days were getting repetitive, so she wanted to try something new to switch it up. She is currently teaching herself to play the Violin via Youtube videos, she attempts to paint, and she has found a new liking for puzzles.

She listens to music of all kinds while she writes, and songs help her create entirely new worlds and to find exactly the right words. Words inspire her, so she hopes hers will inspire others in return.