Roll Away The Stone

Release the Promise of Restoration and Hope

by E. J Gray

Let’s face it, understanding the ways of God can seem daunting even to the most enthusiastic of believers. How much more so when life has thrown you curve balls that have shaken the core of your faith? You want to find your way back ‘home’ but the fear of repeated disappointments has a strong grip, and you can’t seem to navigate the path. This can be overwhelming, especially in these unusual times, when what you really want is an assurance that your hope is not in vain, that no matter how rough the road may seem, restoration is still possible.

In ‘Roll Away the Stone’, I invite you to walk alongside me while I trace the journeys of ordinary men and women of the Bible who also questioned, as they travelled the winding path of faith, long before us. Although our individual circumstances are of course, unique, come discover with me that you are not alone. Let me offer you a fresh perspective, born of my own struggles, our experiences in a fallen world, and God’s unfailing truth. A perspective which I hope may help some take the first steps on their path of faith, and give others – who find that their faith is faltering – new direction and encouragement on their own journey to restoration.