Secret Demon Book 2

by C. L. Ryan

As with Secret Demon, the first in the series, this story relates to the astonishing, and often harrowing, childhood of a girl whose life is beset by abuse and demonic activity.

Once again, the Murphy household is in chaos; we follow Megan from her early years in rural Ireland, back to her family in England, where life is anything but easy.

Evil lurks both night and day around every corner. Megan’s story tracks her exposure to episodes of human depravity, corruption and abuse from the higher echelons of respectable society, who have connections with other occult activity, to which she has already been exposed, and as always, there in the darkness, the Demons.

A cooking exam, bonfire night and the inevitable eviction hangs over everyone, will they survive? Read on and find out if you dare!

This book will draw you in, enthrall you and then leave you wondering where you are, and where it’s all going, the forthcoming book in the series “Secret Demon 3” will take you further into the mystery of this saga. A great read.

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