Ships in the Night

Poetry of elusive identities, tenuous connections and mysterious awakenings

by Lorna Forrester

A Captivating Journey through Poetry and Reflection

“Ships in the Night” is a poetry collection by Lorna Forrester, showcasing a wide selection of poems that span from her teenage years to Easter ’23. Within these pages, readers will find an eclectic mix of entertaining and thought-provoking verses that offer glimpses into various aspects of Forrester’s life and experiences.

Exploring Identities and Complex Relationships

Threaded throughout the collection is a contemplation of problematic identities and the intricate nature of relationships. Forrester delves into the depths of human connection, offering insights and reflections that evoke both unanswered questions and a pervasive sense of mystery.

A Voice for Social Justice

Many of the poems in “Ships in the Night” bear witness to Forrester’s nuanced Socialism and her passionate advocacy for social justice. Her words become a conduit for raising awareness, challenging societal norms, and encouraging a more equitable world.

A Spiritual Journey towards Progressive Christianity

Amidst the verses, readers will embark on a spiritual journey towards Progressive Christianity. Lorna Forrester’s poetry reflects her personal exploration of faith, leading her towards a more inclusive and compassionate understanding of spirituality.

“Ships in the Night” is a testament to Lorna Forrester’s literary versatility and her deep-rooted commitment to fostering dialogue and support for individuals grappling with the profound issues raised by her poetry. iAn invitation to embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery, social consciousness, and spiritual growth. Through her evocative verses, she ignites a spark of contemplation and prompts readers to explore the intricacies of life, relationships, and the pursuit of a more compassionate world.

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Lorna Forrester is passionate about her first novel and sees it as a contribution to on-going dialogue and as support for individuals currently struggling with the issues raised by the story. Her over-riding concern is the toxic church culture which inevitably arises when a strong commitment to an inerrant Bible is j combined with biblical literalism in an extremely authoritarian church structure. The story highlights the impact of this on LGBTQ members but only as one of the worst effects.

Influenced by the American ex-pastor, writer, blogger, international speaker and leader of the emerging church, Brian McLaren and by Oasis church and charity here in the UK, Lorna is hoping to encourage ex-evangelicals and to raise the profile of Progressive Christianity in these times of upheaval.
Somewhat of a recluse, Lorna Forrester is totally deaf and intends only to engage on-line, where she is concerned with encouraging irenic conversation.
A grandmother of three girls, she is indebted to the elder two for their lively encouragement and pertinent suggestions, from start to finish.