Show Me Mercy

The fictional prequel to Shane, Sheba, and Sky.

by Paul Viner

An Eye-Opening Journey of Hope and Compassion

“Show Me Mercy” by Paul Viner is not just a story; it is a powerful and eye-opening journey that delves deep into the harsh reality of street dogs living in Eastern Europe. Serving as a fictional prequel to “Shane, Sheba, and Sky,” this book takes readers on a heart-wrenching exploration of the inhumane treatment and brutality endured by these innocent animals.

A Tale of Resilience and the Power of Compassion

While “Show Me Mercy” reveals the shameful reality of the street dogs’ lives, it is also a story of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of compassion. Through the perspective of the main dog characters, readers witness their struggles and suffering, but also their unwavering spirit. As the narrative unfolds from the viewpoint of the human saviours, readers experience the impact of their actions and dedication in bringing about positive change in the lives of these animals.

A Heartfelt Exploration of Animal Welfare

Paul Viner’s book is a poignant and touching portrayal of the plight faced by street dogs in Eastern Europe. Through the emotional journey of Sheba, readers gain a deeper understanding of the desperate need for mercy and compassion in the realm of animal welfare. “Show Me Mercy” will touch your heart and open your eyes to the harsh realities faced by these beautiful creatures.

About the Author

Paul Viner is a self-published indie author known for his works “Shane, Sheba, and Sky” and “Show Me Mercy.” As a loving and devoted dog father to two beautiful rescue German Shepherds, he brings a deep empathy and understanding of the bond between humans and animals to his writing. Residing in Hertfordshire and surrounded by a loving family, Paul shares his experiences and passion for animal welfare through his heartfelt stories.

Join Sheba on this emotional journey in “Show Me Mercy” and discover the profound importance of extending compassion and mercy to those in need. This book will not only touch your heart but also shed light on the urgent call for change in the realm of animal welfare in Eastern Europe.

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