Singleness in a Marriage Shell

by Theresa Shabani

Like a pair of caged lovebirds, Naniso and Tom want to be together for better or worse, yet find themselves stagnating in a union without meaning. Incomplete in themselves and so in marriage, their relationship withers like a flower without water.

Caught in a cycle of hurt, regret and despair, the pair experience brokenness through breach of their sacred vows. And although she works desperately to keep the dying marriage alive, Naniso starts to feel that she is just chasing the wind.

Only a new paradigm can turn Naniso’s world around and it is with a fresh attitude; one chosen and not chased, that she begins to put the pieces of her ruined reputation back together.

Carried forward on the wings of transformation, she breaks free from her old world and redefines her aspirations, values and beliefs on her own terms.

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