Six Days in Kashgar

A Tense Geopolitical Thriller Where Every Second Counts

by Rowan MacNeill

In the heart of Kashgar, a city steeped in Silk Road history, Rowan MacNeill’s “Six Days in Kashgar” unfolds a gripping narrative that begins with a seemingly innocuous event. MacNeill paints a vivid picture of a city on the brink, where a single act of defiance sparks a geopolitical crisis.

The novel introduces us to Ismail, the elder son of a Uyghur family, whose determination to protect his younger brother leads him into the complex web of international politics. As Ismail’s desperate plan to save his sibling inadvertently ensnares diplomats and intelligence agencies from the world’s superpowers, MacNeill takes readers on a journey through the harsh Taklamakan desert to the opulent halls of power.

With every page, “Six Days in Kashgar” delivers a masterclass in suspense. The characters are drawn with depth and complexity, from Ismail’s rag-tag group of friends to the American senator and Chinese general caught in the maelstrom. MacNeill’s skillful prose brings each scene to life, from the dusty streets of Kashgar to the tension-filled situation rooms in Washington DC.

“Six Days in Kashgar” is more than a political thriller; it’s a story of loyalty, courage, and the unforeseen consequences of standing up for one’s family. With its perfect blend of action and heart, this novel is destined to resonate with readers long after the final page is turned.

Published by Spruce Goose Publications on 2023-12-04

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