Slips Catch

How observant are you?

by Douglas Roberts

Following the success of his debut novel, Douglas Roberts unveils “Slips Catch”, the second book in The Catch Series. Continuing the legacy of intricate storytelling and suspenseful narratives, Roberts presents a new thriller that delves into the murky realms of crime and conspiracy.

“Slips Catch” introduces readers to a world where the global platinum market is under the threat of an elusive assassin. Inspector Eyethorne OBE and her fiancée, still contemplating the name of their detective agency and struggling to set a wedding date, find themselves entangled in a complex web of pan-European intrigue. Their investigation uncovers interlinked answers, drawing them into a perilous journey across London.

Amidst the chaos, they are relentlessly pursued by ruthless gangs, forcing them into a series of high-level escapes. The narrative takes a darker turn with the entry of Cabinet minister Maurice ‘bloody’ Hamilton, a character familiar to readers of the first book. His intentions are sinister, seeking to exploit the turmoil for personal gain, embodying the phrase ‘making a killing’ in its most literal sense.

Douglas Roberts masterfully weaves a tale of suspense, political intrigue, and personal drama, ensuring that “Slips Catch” is a riveting sequel that will satisfy fans and newcomers alike.

Published by DR Enterprises on 2023-01-09

The Catch Series

Spiffing Author

Douglas Roberts, born in the chilly climes of London in December 1955, discovered his passion for storytelling amidst the rhododendron-covered grounds of his Sussex boarding school. While his early years were marked by a blend of outdoor adventures and academic pursuits, it was during these formative experiences that Douglas honed his observational skills, a trait that would later define his writing style. He balanced his love for rugby and shooting with a keen interest in the arts, joining the school choir primarily to meet girls, a decision that reflected his playful and curious nature.

After opting for the Open University over traditional university, Douglas led a life rich in experiences. He travelled extensively, exploring European capitals and indulging in skiing in the Alps, all while building a diverse network of contacts. His career journey was equally varied, encompassing roles in marine insurance broking and construction. However, around the turn of the century, Douglas turned his focus to writing. Drawing inspiration from the myriad characters he encountered throughout his travels, he began crafting stories imbued with humour and insight. Today, Douglas resides with his wife in the serene countryside, ironically adjacent to the bustling Gatwick airport. He continues to construct, enjoy rallying, and write, sharing his wealth of knowledge and stories with a wider audience.