Sonny Starr

Versus The Spacetime Conspiracy

by Jeffrey Day

Sonny Starr, an eleven year old boy from London is thrilled to be selected with nineteen other children to attend the world’s space academy that orbits the Moon. The excitement soon turns to terror when his team’s spacecraft is advised to sail far beyond Pluto and then becomes lost into the outer reaches of our solar system. His team’s hopes of survival become pinned on the adult commanders in whom they must trust, because surely they know what they’re doing. But then that is the danger, they know exactly what they are doing!
Sonny Starr and his crew of four other gifted children together with two miraculous robots must survive a perilous journey beyond a strange vortex known only to a secret unit at the academy from where they encounter what really exists beyond our world. As Sonny and the cadets desperately struggle to survive they discover the real motive behind their disappearance and embark on a heroic plan to return to the academy and uncloak their perpetrators in front of an astonished world.