Staying Sane and Ahead of the Game

A self-help guide to living a more fulfilling life as a parent

by J. H. Cole

So, your daily achievements consist of making it to the end of the day with everyone washed, fed and changed. Everything in between is just reactive firefighting and generally trying to keep everyone alive and giving yourself a mental high five if you manage to take a poop unaccompanied. This isn’t quite how you envisioned this whole parenting thing, right?
Let’s ponder for a moment and think about why people say ‘Oh children grow up so fast’…. Like me, do you sometimes find yourself thinking, ‘Do they really though? DO THEY? Are you sure it’s not just an endless cycle of nappies and feeds and tantrums and playgroup sessions and pick-ups and drop offs and more nappies AND MORE FEEDS?’ If you’ve ever counted down the hours until the children’s bedtime so that you can finally focus on yourself for once, believe me, you are not alone.

Imagine if you could manage your days better so that you didn’t have to constantly react to situations or if you could incorporate work into your day without feeling the guilt of taking time away from your children. Imagine if you could be satisfied at the end of the day that you actually achieved something meaningful for yourself that will benefit your future and if only you could do all of this whilst being the best parent ever?! You can.

You can equip yourself with knowledge of how to be a confident parent as well as find time to concentrate on your own well being. Here is a brilliant collection of suggestions, advice, tips and tricks to enable you to accomplish your goals at an equal measure of fulfilling your potential of a being a great parent – and enjoying it along the way. From a mother of three who runs a successful business (and writes on the side!) this book will show you how to find time to:

– Continue to run your own business once your children arrive

– Develop a new skill even as at a stay at home parent

– Teach you how to stay focused on your priorities amongst the chaos of parenting

– Enable you to make better use of your time

– Allow you to work steadily on your career and personal goals

– All whilst being a doting and inspirational Mum

Still unsure? If you’re feeling over-stressed and underwhelmed taking care of babies and toddlers 24/7 then this light-hearted, practical guide is the parenting book you’ve been looking for but check it out for yourself before you buy, by scrolling up and clicking on the image of the book to take a look inside.