by C R Leonard

The Kingdom of Mithania is under attack … Will Stormblower save them from invasion … Or will she die trying?
16 year old Charlie wakes up to what should have been a normal Monday morning. However, she knows this day will be very, very different …
Queen Athaliah has reigned over a peaceful Mithania for over 40 years, guided by the Prophecy but now all her borders are under attack. With men, women and children dying all across her land, she only has one choice to call for Stormblower to save her and her people. However the Prophecy is precise, all who do not follow it will die and it is not Stormblower’s time yet and will the Queen really sacrifice her only child.
Sordread a ruthless and formidable Commander will stop at nothing in his quest to rule the Kingdom. Leading Sordread’s Hunters is his determined and rampaging General Ezra and the mighty Dramariyan Dragons. Conquering Mithania and slaying all who stand in their way, especially Stormblower is his only thought.
Stormblower, on arrival in Mithania, finds she is without knowledge of the circumstances surrounding her summons. Suited with her armour, sword, and her faithful dragons Pico and Nimrod they embark on their perilous journey to meet the Queen and stop Sordread.
Faced with Sordread’s Hunters and the determined General Ezra constantly chasing her down, Stormblower and her companion’s journey is fraught with menace, betrayal and loss. Relentless, thunderous battles between the dragons riddle the skies as soldiers clash on the ground. Swords and magic clash ferociously as the companions encounter the strengthening Hunters again and again. Weakened and tired, the companions must find the strength and courage to fight every step of the way or risk death and the loss of Mithania.
With destruction all around and Stormblower on her lowest ebb she must find the power within herself and her friends to destroy Sordread and Ezra and fulfil the prophecy which she believes in, not realising it means her death.
Stormblower is an epic quest portraying the powerful clash between good and evil, faith and determination – in a bid to restore the Mithania back to its peaceful state.