That Something Missing

Finding The Colour You In A Rainbow Of Seven Billion Souls

by Caroline Westley

At this moment there are around 7,101,623,551 people in this world… But how many truly know who they are and who they hope to be, what they hope to do? We all remember those bedtime stories read by our parents throughout our childhood. The magical sparkling shoe fits Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty is awoken with a single kiss, the ugly frog turns into a handsome Prince. It’s once upon a time and they all live happily ever after again and again. We grow up with these ideals of fairy tales, dreams and magic, but at some point we begin to lose this belief and appreciation that our life is the way it is because of the choices we have made, because of the choices we can make and the magic we can find. The stories we create in our life, the stories we hear from family and friends and people we meet along the way give us insights into how we should live our lives, but with this they make us ask questions of ourselves, are we living life as we should? Should we be wanting or striving for more? We can all answer these questions, but every person’s answer will be different. You can listen to what I have to say, but then you have to form your own conclusion and create your own story, your own fairytale just for you.