The Corporal’s Punishment

Death hides in the respectability of plain sight

by Peter Alexander

Station Square, a new and massive development set on The Thames is on the one hand a glittering tribute to financial worth but is on the other a subtle front for international money laundering on a vast international scale. But also infused into this development is a killer who makes his gruesome presence known on opening day by killing not one but two office workers in different parts of the complex. As murders rise almost on a weekly basis the level of absenteeism increases dramatically. But the really baffling key to this story is that the killer commits his crimes impertinently in highly populated places but isn’t seen nor heard!

This nerve-wracking fact alone brings the establishment to its knees putting unrelenting pressure on the Police, the Government and most of all the international criminal outfits who have a stake in the enterprise. A legendary Detective, Inspector Dean White, is framed on the very first day of the crimes so as to allow a bent copper in the employ of the London Gang Boss to head up the operation. An American reporter working on the criminal raison d’être behind Station square enlists the help of White now that he is on garden leave. Her help helps him towards ultimate success is at great cost.

White forces a highly dangerous deal to get himself re-instated and so to identify the killer and the modus operandi that goes with it- all in five days! This timetable takes White on a flight via Newquay to an SAS division in Okehampton, a visit to Herts Uni’ to explore the benefits of Forensic Psychology and the reader to a warehouse in Amsterdam and then finally to a North Sea crossing to Harwich.

The story weaves continually around a number of strong characters who frequently enter into and out of the plot and contribute fully to the final conclusion. All the various strands combine together at a pivotal meeting at the now totally dark and dismal Station Square. White, on the very last hours of the imposed timetable, unravels the killer’s modus operandi. Also, a huge drugs deal is fortunately intercepted, the killer is identified, the crime boss is arrested, the corrupt Police Officer is ‘dealt’ with and the ways and means of the murders are solved.