The Gate


by Jennife N Hibbert

MARS DEMYSTIFIED! NO MORE MYTHS, NO MORE HOCUS-POCUS. Ever wondered what it would be like to live on Mars forever? Well, ponder no more and follow this group of migrants on their journey to colonize the planet Mars. The Gate is a voyage of discovery, both personal and galactic, in which the journey is just as important as the destination. Exciting things are happening on Mars: humans have colonized the planet and ordinary people of all ages have volunteered to be its first citizens. The gatekeepers—members of a top-secret organization with otherworldly powers—have worked tirelessly with astrobiologists to create a sustainable city for the migrants. This organisation is fully aware of malevolent powers lurking nearby, some of whom aren’t too happy about this new colonization. The gatekeepers developed a fighting machine to protect the citizens, but during testing it malfunctions and collides with a man on Earth called Kevin, who is running away from his past. Kevin is given a choice, but how will he react to the unique opportunity he is offered? Meanwhile, the Go-go Kedson spacecraft is en-route to Mars with the migrants. Among them is Carrol, who finds love on the way to her new planet. In space, however, nothing is as it seems, and she discovers that the object of her affection is actually a shape-shifting dragon lizard. There’s also a group of rambunctious friends who keep everyone on their toes and constantly fall in and out of danger. The gatekeepers keep a watchful eye on everything and run into trouble with the Dark Lord Varuk Bendy who manages to take some hostages and, like everything else on the Red Planet, there is more to him than meets the eye.The gatekeepers must struggle together against the dangerous forces on Mars—as well as the innocent troublemaking of the citizens who now inhabit it—to ensure a peaceful and safe colonization. Can this battle with dark magic, supernatural activities, mighty armies and mischievous teenagers be won? Or is the task simply too great?