The ‘I Can’ Method

by Sarah Pittendrigh

Modern life can be a minefield. It can feel as if, at every turn, a new obstacle, setback or just old-fashioned bad luck will be there to keep us stuck and unable to get to where we ought to be. When this happens consistently, we can even start to accept this as our truth which can lead us to believe that, quite simply, we can’t make changes, and at that point, we may simply stop trying.

If this resonates with you: you do not need to accept this as your reality.

In The I Can Method, multi award-winning entrepreneur Sarah Pittendrigh maps your way back to personal and professional control, inspiration and excellence.

This is not just a theory but a personal journey that combines a brutally honest account of Sarah’s own trajectory, from personal lows, through seemingly endless adversity and ultimately out to a position of resolution, success and freedom.

This is not just an inspirational story but a methodology you can begin applying immediately. With clear and practical advice on how to stop imagining that you can’t and knowing that you can create the life you know you deserve.

The I Can Method is already being used internationally with incredible results for both businesses and individuals alike. The disarmingly simple yet cuttingly insightful principles can help you get to the core of what is limiting you and use that insight to make a genuine paradigm shift in your life.

Sarah Pittendrigh is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and franchisor, who is also an Ambassador for The Prince's Trust Women Supporting Women Campaign and Everywoman. She has had her fair share of challenges in life, including the loss of a business where she was a shareholder and battling cancer. At 38, Sarah found herself as a bankrupt single mother on income support after losing a seven-figure business in the recession of 2008. With her home on the brink of being repossessed, Sarah made a plan to redesign her life and take control. Today, Sarah works as a Mindset Coach, using her 25 years of business experience to help female entrepreneurs and executives identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs that may be hindering their goals. She assists her clients in reconnecting with their self-confidence, building a growth mindset, and developing a strategic plan to bring their goals to fruition without becoming overwhelmed. When not working, Sarah resides in a beautiful part of rural Northumberland, where she enjoys supporting her son, a professional equestrian, ringside while surrounded by her extended family of horses, dogs, cat and hens.


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