The Ice Cream Truck is Coming

by Michael Wray

Four kids are dreading the arrival of an ice cream truck with the world’s worst flavours. Strange things begin to happen as it winds its way closer through the city streets. Can the ice cream truck really have such terrible flavours?
Find out in The Ice Cream Truck is Coming.

Michael Wray

With a Specialist Degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto, twenty-six years experience teaching English in Istanbul, Turkey, and an irrepressible drive to draw, act, and write, R. Michael Wray is proud to be the creative force behind LASERWRAY PUBLISHING. Once described as lugubrious by a highschool friend (I know you are but what am I?), Michael tried to steer his clown car in a more positive direction once he finally looked up the meaning of lugubrious many years later.

Following the siren call of adventure, Michael left his home in Toronto, Canada in his early thirties and, having travelled throughout Europe, eventually settled in Istanbul, Turkey. “First I fell in love with the country and its people” he explains, “then I fell in love with the woman who became my wife.” Together they brought Emre James into the world, who remains a source of inspiration for Michael to this day.

When he is not working, Michael indulges his love of travel in exotic places all over the world. He prefers kicking around in the ruins of ancient civilizations, his balding head protected by his iconic Tommy Tickles bucket hat.